picture by @meriception

My days are starting to be the same. Fitted into the designed mold of the do-nothings and the feel-nothings.

I’m craving taste, not that of sugar or even less of cigarettes. I’m craving the life savour. When freedom breaches my hair, and happiness fills my lungs. I miss the times when bloating was thanks to delicious foods and not due to overflowing stress.

Breathe, I told myself.

Feel the melody, for it has to offer.

Music, serenity, those were my connections to earth.

Movies and books were my escape. But for how long?

Not Long, I assure you.

Sleep, I told myself.

Don’t forget to wake up, make it brief.

For you have many other things to achieve.

Dream, I told myself.

For that inner child that is still alive.

Live, battle and survive.

For shivers and quivers,

for tears and twirlers,

for excitement and laughter,

for things that are worth the banter.