I don’t know about you

Or maybe I do know enough

Enough to like you

To create images about.

All the times we’ll spend

Together at heart,

Bridging our worlds apart

And melding them into one bart.

It sounds cheesy,

I know.

But you hate it when

All we talk about is crazy

You need full fledged

While what I needed was to be pledged

And asked for what I have inside.

I like you, if only you know…

Your cheeky smile

Your closed eyes

And your soft hairline.

Now that I think about it,

I like you more than words can pleade.

I also realize that you don’t match my needs.

Is this a good thing or a bad deed?

You’ll tell me if we ever meet.

In my dreams we fleet,

We’ll be debating to compete.

It wouldn’t be us we don’t.

It’s unconscious so we’ll be everything we want.

Strange familiar. I am the wandering spirit that lingered on after my body shell.